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Donald Gaw

Published by: Donald Gaw on 29-May-22
You'll Have Greater Success With This Type of Business

Here is a key factor when choosing to start or join any business opportunity and that is…will you be offering something people need or, will you be offering something people think they might want?

Of course, the answer is obvious. Or it should be…

Think about it. The entrepreneurs that have always made the most money for the longest time have been people that offer what others need.

During the Gold Rush in California merchants selling shovels, picks, clothing, food, tents, and other supplies made far more profit than the people trying to find gold.

Today, people rush to join the CBD Industry, or we spend a small fortune promoting a miracle drink or a diet pill. The question is, do people really, really need those things? Wouldn’t just eating a healthy diet give us most of the vitamins we need and help us lose weight?

Promoters have become adept at telling us how wonderful we’ll feel if we just join their company and buy their pills, drink their new juice, and look younger using their miracle lotions.

It is interesting that so many ‘amazing’ products been ‘discovered’ since the Network Marketing Industry came into being! My advice…read the labels. Many times, these ‘miraculous’ products; will all have similar ingredients.

By the way: If the opportunity has a fee to join…that’s where they are making their profit because they know 97% of the people that do join will quit soon. Usually before any product is ordered.

Just eat a healthy diet. Cut out sugar, salt, sodas, and flour. Eat plenty of fruits and veggies. Go for a walk occasionally. Save your money. Remember…just because someone is selling something does not mean you have to buy it. Here is what we think is a better alternative…

The business we like is LegalShield.

It’s affordable. Less than one dollar a day. The company has been around since 1972 and now has over 4.6 million members.

Think of it this way. We all need and probably use automobile insurance or medical insurance but hope we don’t ever have to use it. So…why have it? To protect us and to save us a ton of money should we become sick or get in a wreck!

LegalShield is the same idea. If you are not a member of LegalShield and ever need a lawyer, you could go bankrupt trying to pay legal fees on your own. Plus, with Society becoming more difficult every day, your chances of needing Legal Protection increase all the time.

We also like the idea that our friends and business associates can save money and have real, legal protection whenever they need it. You will appreciate the peace of mind a LegalShield Membership gives you.

With LegalShield you will have 24/7 access for covered legal emergencies. Unlimited consultations. Letters and phone calls made on your behalf. IRS Audit assistance. Civil Trial Defense. Help with Adoptions, Divorce, Name Changes, Will Preparation, Speeding Tickets, Power of Attorney, Trusts, Personal Security Issues, Landlord/Tenant Issues and much more.

You can access our site to learn about LegalShield by visiting us at:

Have you been looking for a business? Do you like the idea of helping others and providing real, tangible services? Does residual income interest you? How about being able to work from home or from anywhere you’d like?

Does the idea of creating your own schedule and working with a company that offers you a lucrative pay-plan interest you?

Would you be interested in talking about this?

We have over 20 years of online experience and will be happy to help you. We are in the Eastern U. S. time-zone. Call us anytime. By the way, we have a nice sign-on bonus for you if you become our partner in LegalShield.

If you’ve ever needed or used an Attorney, you know how expensive they can be. If you’ve ever had any disagreement with a neighbor or a landlord or had any issue with a product warranty or if you’ve just needed any type of legal question answered you have needed LegalShield. And, so have people you know.

Thanks for listening. All the best…

Donald Gaw

Ph: 502.608.9055


P. S. – One more thing. We’re just like you. We’ve tried all kinds of mlm bizops selling pills and juices. All we ended up doing is wasting our time and money. This is different and you will appreciate that when you join.