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Donald Gaw

Published by: Donald Gaw on 13-Sep-21
Consistency and Commitment Are Your Keys to Wealth

Consistency and Commitment are the Keys to Wealth -

Let's say, you've become an Affiliate for some Networking Company. Your initial enthusiasm helps you build a bit of momentum and you got 10 people in your down-line. Wow! Fantastic Job!!! Way to go!!! You're Awesome!!

Here's the a week or two, 9 of those people will quit. Maybe all of them will. If they don't quit, they may just decide they'd like to do something else and just not work your opportunity. And, of course, they will formally leave before the next month's fees become due.

That's Networking.

You sign folks up. You get all excited. earn zilch! Now depending on the person you are, you'll either give up or; you will go out and give it another try. You'll try to build an organization and, just like before, 90% of everyone will give up on you and your business. Actually, they're giving up on themselves.

Networking is probably the most frustrating business you can be in. And it's not just the people that don't can be lousy products, inept management, terrible pay plans or; a combination of all of these. Start ups are a problem also. Did you know that 85% of all start ups don't make it more than 3 years. Even if you were earning some money with them, you'd have to start over every 36 months.

Another issue is Hot Products. A few people initially earn some money but then, every Network Company you can name starts offering similar items. When that happens, the Product quality suffers but; every company claims to have the best one because they've found a unique way to "make theirs".

I see where a company brags about their '3rd party testing' to verify the purity of their product. One problem, the owner of the company also happens to be the owner of the Lab that does the testing. Oops!

Also, when such a product does catch the public's attention, we run into another issue; Walmart, Target, CVS Pharmacy, Walgreen's, Kroger, Meijer, and (it seems) every corner store will start selling it. It then becomes hard to get any market share. You'd have to have Bill Gates or Warren Buffet's money to compete with them. 

So, why do people bother to join if they just quit in a few days?

One reason seems to be that we all still have hope. We want a better life and we keep searching for it. The idea of living at the beach, working just 30 minutes a day and getting checks in the mail each week sounds great. It can happen, but not with most fad products and not overnight. I'm going to apologize for the next sentence ahead of time but it's the truth. Here goes...

There is No Get Rich Quick Plan! Sorry...

The people that have success with Networking had a one or two year plan to grow their business. They determined that no matter what, they would learn all about their new venture, they'd follow proven methods that have worked, they'd invest in advertising and in products, they'd attend all the weekly training sessions and; they would not have unrealistic expectations about overnight success.

One marketer once told me it took him 14 months before he had his first $1,000 month and it took him another 1.5 years on top of that before he had a $5,000 month. His secret? He stayed with it. He never gave up...even when he wanted to. It's called commitment. A genuine commitment to a goal will get you there. 

Another great trait to have is consistent action. The marketer I just mentioned...he earns over $60,000 monthly now! It took him 5 years of solid commitment and consistency. Would you be happy with $20,000 (or more) a month in 5 years if you knew all you had to do is work diligently on your business even though, at first, you weren't making anything? Would you put in 60 months of effort if you could see the rewards that could come to you? 

Know this: If someone is earning big checks in your MLM...You can too!  So, develop long term dreams instead of a 'quick-fix' mentality. Put in the work and over time you'll be rewarded. Jump from bizop to bizop and in 5 years, you'll still be jumping from bizop to bizop and; you'll still be years away from the life you really want.

Something to think about.

All the best,

Donald Gaw

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