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Donald Gaw

Published by: Donald Gaw on 19-Jan-22
The Easiest Niche to Profit In

One reason we all have so much trouble building an mlm business is that physical items aren’t something we have to have. We might want a new coat, but we don’t need it. We can wear last year’s coat.

We might want to lose weight, but we don’t need those pills. We can eat less instead. We can drive our old car one more year. We don’t need a new one. We could buy their miracle juice for more energy but, with extra sleep, we probably don’t need it.

Did you notice that one word?  “Need”

Unless we’re offering something people really, really need…we will struggle to grow any business.

So…what’s one thing people generally do need? Food? Air? Water? Shelter? Hmmm…?

How about money? We all need money don’t we. Money gets us all the other stuff. Money might just be the ultimate product! So how do you sell money? Well, you sell it by showing people how to get it.

Ok, so how do I show people when I don’t have much money myself? The way to do that is to align yourself with an online business that has the technology to do that. And, for a small one-time fee will let you use their system forever! The one I use actually pays us $200 daily. Sometimes more!

Here’s a link to just such a company in case you’re curious: 

The great thing about this particular company is, there's no selling involved. You'll have access to your own Virtual Assistant that will sell for you. make the money. This is artificial intelligence at it's best. It works 24/7 and you get paid. You never have to speak to anyone unless you want to.

Everyone needs money. Your Virtual Assistant will show your contacts how to earn effortlessly every day. Imagine how an extra $400 per week feels? about an extra $1,000 per week; week in and week out. You could quit your job if you wanted. You could pay off some bills. Maybe even move to a nicer place. 

It's totally up to you. You decide how many days a week you'd like to work. It's time for you to be free and independent!

Let’s recap. It pays you directly. You keep 100%. There’s no quota or cap on earnings. You can also build a team under you and earn more that way. There’s no selling. There is absolutely no downside. We all need money. You can show people how to easily get some.

Our highest recommendation.

Donald Gaw



Donald and Lisa have been online for over 20+ years. We've probably made some of the mistakes you have. :-) However, the reason we are successful is that we never gave up. We have free training and will work with you. You will not be left behind. Contact us at: or call us at: 502.608.9055.