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Published by: Donald Gaw 06-Apr-18
Frustration Lead to Success!

I just couldn't stand it any longer! 

For two decades online and off, I was still in search of something that was a 'real opportunity.'

I wanted something that actually stood up to all the hype!

I was sick of being let down and also, about letting my team down with false promises.

It had become a fulltime job just trying to wade through all the crap in search of something with real benefits and a decent payplan!

That's the point I realized I had basically two options. One, quit and go live at the beach or, keep going and continue searching with the hope of eventually finding some product or service that people could trust and that I could be proud to represent.

Wouldn't you think that after all these years people would wise up and grow up and stop lying to every online user about why their product was the best.

Good grief. Don't people realize you will NOT lose 15 pounds by Wednesday drinking the 'special' drink formulated with the moss from an Icelandic Lava Rock harvested only during full moons in the month of October!??

And, no matter how wonderful it sounds, the 'Secret System' discovered by a 25 year old 'internet millionaire' will NOT earn you $100,000 by Friday; despite the 'proof of income' shown in his Video. 

By the way, this 'Secret System' is being released at this time because the 25 year old has all the money he needs and wants to 'give back' to the less fortunate. Righhhhht!

That proof of income was probably put together on his own power point, or he had an accomplice create it. Just because you took a picture of a bunch of numbers doesn't mean you have any money! Also, holding up wads of cash doesn't mean it's yours that you earned online! It's probably from some payday loan company and you better get it back to them after you take the pics for your facebook posts!

I always wonder, if the guy in these riduculous videos are millionaires; why is the background in the video some unkempt, effeciancy apartment with no drapes and few pictures or furniture. If you really are a millionaire wouldn't you take the time to have a nice place to live?

So, after massive frustration, I stopped touting pills or drinks or any kind of diet. There's just way too much competition and none of that stuff ever really worked for me anyway.

At some point, to be successful, you must believe in what you're selling! Just won't last otherwise.

Besides, you can buy the same or similar items at WalGreens or Target, or GNC or Walmart; and, usually for less.

And guess what? If you need to lose weight, eat sensibly. If the restaurant you're considering has a drive thru then drive by it. And, stop sodas, sugar and salt and flour.

Do those things and you'll lose weight. Oh...and go for walks about 3 times a week for 30 minutes. That's probably an hour and a half more than you're doing now.

So instead, I settled on a Service Business. It provides real benefits people need in everyday real life circumstances. The company is solid. They pay a very good weekly commission and have great customer service.

You won't get rich by next Tuesday and you won't lose weight but; you can save your hard earned money if you have what they offer. And, since stuff happens, you'll definitely need this!

What you can do, if you do a little work and follow our free training is create a sustainable, residual income that you can count on.

This is easy to understand, it's easy to explain, there's no boss and no quotas. You can find out all about it on my site at:

It can also be worked offline too.

Check it out if you too are a bit frustrated by the hype and lies we seem to encounter daily on the internet.

All the best,

Donald Gaw

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