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Published by: Donald Gaw 03-Apr-18
Do You Know the RHB Philosophy

RHB could also be called the 'good guy' or 'good gal' philosophy but, what it really stands for is Real Human Being. You can find more about it at:

It's a simple yet powerful method of awareness and allows people to assess their intentions.

When you're in 1st gear, that means you are only interested in yourself.

When you're in 2nd gear, it means you'll help someone else but only if you are rewarded for your efforts.

However, if you're in 3rd gear, you will help anyone without any expectations at all. You'll just help. You're a 'Good Person".

The Idea is to be Aware what Gear you are in.

Go to the Site for more detail about the Gears. RHB Site

The companion to the RHB philosophy is the RHB Code. It tells us to:

1. Assume all are intelligent

2. Have passion for what you do

3. Get over yourself

This Code is a universal concept that, although simple, when combined with the Gears, can allow people to become the best version of themselves.

And interestingly, this combination of Code and Gears can be applied to servant leadership, sales, networking, employee relations, changes in management styles, creating more emphatic communications and untold innovative ideas.

Understanding and applying this to our everyday lives have made a big difference to my Wife and me. We approach others differently. We look a business from a different perspective. And, we no longer wonder or worry why others succeed and some don't. 

Because...the Gears and the Code are our yardstick to measure if we are doing our very best...or not!

Check out the site to learn more: RHB Site There are also some very entertaining and thought provoking Videos there as well.

I know that change is difficult sometimes but, this is so simple a method that it's very easy to get into the habit of living this way. It can and will become second nature to you in a short time.

Let me applaud you in advance for becoming a Real Human Being! (That is, if you desire to.)

All the best,

Donald Gaw, RHB


PS - Donald Gaw is the owner of He is a 20 year veteran of successful, work from home endeavors.

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