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Contact Information
Donald Gaw
Clarksville, Indiana, USA
Phone: (502) 608-9055 Eastern U.S. Time-Zone
Skype: donald.gaw


Hey there, I’m Donald Gaw, Online Business Owner. I live in Clarksville, Indiana. It's just across the Ohio River from Louisville, KY.  I like to travel (a lot), and I do some writing, and public speaking. I’m also interested in several causes and love good coffee. And unfortunately, my golf game is terrible. frown

Anyway, prior to moving to the Louisville, KY/Southern. Indiana area; we lived for 20 years in Las Vegas, NV. where I had the privilege of selling Rolls Royce Automobiles. I know about sales and marketing.

Online, our Partners enjoy our free training and we're available daily except Sunday.

Here's the issue most have with Marketing. It's not taught in regular schools. Another thing is, people are either leery of it or they just plain don't like to sell or give presentations or hold meetings. I think I read somewhere that speaking in front of a group is one of the most intimidating things a person can do.

So, I do understand how hard it must be to finally take that first step!

Typically, someone will decide they'd like to earn extra income. Their goal may be to pay off a debt or even a mortgage. Some want to quit a job or have enough extra money to travel. A few of my partners have built businesses in order to send kids to college. And some, can't find any satisfying work where they they began to work online.

I know for a fact that you can earn online if you have the right partner. You can earn a permanent, recurring residual income that is automatically deposited into your account every week!.

Imagine how that would make you feel.

What I would recommend is that you get in touch with me when you're ready and I will help you. Don't start buying a lot of tools or courses yet. Let's talk first! An informed decision will save you money in the long run. I know of an amazing opportunity that can earn 'walking away' income and I'll even pay your way into it if you're interested. (Let's talk.)

My goal is to suggest a path for you based on what you'd like to accomplish. I will help you and you will NOT be left behind. I do no 'hype' and no 'arm twisting'. 

I'm also a Very Blessed and Highly Favored Husband, Father, Grandfather, Friend, Author, Smile Giver, Gratitude Loving, Helpful old Guy that is happiest when Others Succeed. May I help you?

"You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream." - C. S. Lewis

Look around the Site and, if you see some things that interest you, get in touch and we'll talk about earning you some extra income!



Skype: donald.gaw

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